How I met my husband!

Posted on: March 3, 2017

Yea, I’m back and posting; not as a single girl but as a lady with a crown
on her head, a queen who enjoys every second of The reign of her King.
Sweetie, I know you’d be the first to read this so let me just chip this in
here …..I’m in everlasting love with you!

So yea, back to business….! I’m here to share about God’s faithfulness.
This post is written to encourage someone out there to the glory of God;
This is in no way for self-gratification.

It is about how I met my husband, about how I got engaged 2 days after we
spoke on phone (without seeing ourselves), about how we did our introduction
less than 4months of knowing ourselves, about how we got wedded exactly 1
year 5 days of knowing each other.

I want this to encourage someone out there, even if it is just 1 lady, I
will feel fulfilled.

I met my husband at a point I had decided in my heart to face my academic
pursuit, I had consciously shut the doors of my heart to anything
relationship, all I wanted was to get my Ph.D. started and that just maybe
in between my Ph.D. I would give room for a relationship. Little did I know
God had a big plan. I met my husband in September but between April and
August there was someone I was sincerely praying to God about and waiting on
Him for His confirmation (Yes, I was really hoping God would confirm; He was
kinda my Spec) but no response was forthcoming from God rather I was getting
a different instruction from God to sow my one and only most priced property
I could brag of (my Michael Kors’ wristwatch lol). I was so in love with
this wristwatch, it would be right to say I worshipped it. This was because
I bought it myself and I knew how much I had sacrificed then to get the

I kept pretending not to have heard anything for weeks. By the way, God
actually did tell me who to go give the wristwatch to. After maybe 2/3 weeks
of mourning my ‘about to go’ wristwatch and at the point I finally did let
it go in my heart; I wore it for the last time one Sunday (still praying in
my mind the person won’t come to church that Sunday; but I saw her seated in
a conspicuous place in church all worshipping) and after the service I
waited to see the woman of God, took my wristwatch off and handed it over to
her. To my greatest surprise it was her perfect size even though I had at
some point reduced the chain; not only that, she told me she actually was
into the business of buying and selling wristwatches. I was amazed!  She
didn’t stop there, she prophesied into my life and told me to watch out for
awesome wonders within that week.

Readers, lo and behold! That same week, I got a strange call from a family
friend who I haven’t spoken to in close to 6years. He did not have my number
but he called me via Facebook call (Facebook can be a blessing o) for no
reason but to rant about how I disconnected from him because I left the
country years ago and all. Normal Debby wouldn’t have picked the call but I
did! I entertained the conversation, added petrol to its fire and it lasted
so long. This long-time family friend of mine finally invited me to his
wedding ceremony at the tail end of the conversation. At the point I already
discarded the call as a normal call, it took an interesting twist. Days
later, he called me back (we already exchanged numbers the last time we
spoke) to inform me that he had a strong move in his spirit to give my
number to someone. I came to discover later that he was seated right in the
office of this someone when he called me the other day and while he was
about to leave the office of this someone (who is now my husband) that
strange day,he had a strange feeling to give this someone my number. This
someone refused to collect it as he was at a point in His life too where
going into a relationship wasn’t even on any sort of list in his life. He
was career and business oriented and had a target to meet up with which had
nothing to do with marriage in the next 2/3years of his life.

At this point, I’m going to give this family friend of mine a name (Dami).
Dami lost peace in his heart and only had one goal which was to convince
this someone to collect my digits. It will be timely to add here that this
someone had already been transferred from that branch of his office in the
south west to the North, and he was only using his last week in that office.
Remember here that I have had the leading to sow that wristwatch like 2
weeks ago and if I had not taken that bold move that Sunday, just maybe I
would have missed it but we all know God is merciful!

Sadly, this someone refused to collect my digits till he left that location.
Dami had still not found peace in his heart. He placed a call to him when he
was at the airport and about boarding a flight that he would send the digits
as a text message and whenever he is led to call the digits he should but he
would have fulfilled his own part of sending the digits across even though
he had to ask this someone to make a promise he would call the digits on
getting to his northern destination.

I only got to know about all these later o, I was just there expecting no
one to call me. I was going about my daily duties since I was owing no one
lol…. I had already paid my dues!!!! Just about when the week was
preparing to wrap up a call came through, a strange call orchestrated by a
strange God! Halleluyah! I don’t know what happened afterwards but all I
knew was we were on the call for an hour or more. He had to take an excuse
from the call to get his missing luggage from the airport. The second time
he rang my phone I cannot remember how many hours we spoke for but the day
after was when we knew officially we just got engaged. Sincerely, I can’t
explain this! I doubt if he can also. All I remember was we started planning
our lives together.

Let me fill you in at this point, immediately he dropped the first call he
placed to me, I heard God tell me that is your husband(I repeat, I HEARD!
Crazy yea?). It was something a second party could not hear about, someone I
haven’t seen? someone I know nothing about? Someone whose digits just got
registered on my phone?….in this present world we are in? I decided to
press the ignore button and continued my day.

God did not stop there, the next day he reminded me of a notebook I had
opened for prayers and specific instructions in 2014 while I was at the
Nigerian Law School, Bwari. Then I had 4 wonderful prayer partners (we were
5 all together) and we met to pray every evening. 3 ladies, 2 men but one of
the ladies was married already. During one of our prayer session, the
married lady amongst us said God led her to ask the 2 other ladies to choose
the month and year of our introduction or marriage ceremony. The other lady
went before me and then I went after but I only chose my introduction month
and year and she instructed us to write it down. So yea I wrote it in this
book of mine and God said the sign that I will give you to know that I AM
THAT I AM is that by tomorrow this so called stranger would choose your
introduction month and it will be same as you have written in your book. I
laughed! How realistic is it for a guy I haven’t met to choose our month of
introduction only 3 days after his first call to me?
His ways are not ours….. He uses the foolish things of this world to
confound the wise! YAHWEH is what I call Him, my personal father! Oba
Aseyiowu, no one can question you Daddy! I tried to do that, you shut me up!
I love the way you carry me!

At this point, I will love to add that as a lady you have to be really
sensitive of the times and seasons in your life. Understand why God bring
certain people your way. The other girl that chose her wedding month,
actually got wedded and I was in attendance and yea the person she got
married to was a bundle of miracle too.
Please sow into your future! Sow prayers! They work, even years after!

Yes, the next day which was the third day into speaking on the phone with
this someone, he said in between our conversation that we could do our
introduction that same month I had written down in my book. I became mute! I
became speechless! I was in awe of God! This right here, was my ultimate
miracle after the salvation of my soul! I experienced a miracle. Right then,
plans started! We started the connections between families even at the point
we had not seen. We made all the necessary  moves both spiritually and
physically even though I ended up changing the introduction month to the
next month after it only because I had a program to attend and moving it a
week or two ahead entered a new month already.

Yea, we did the introduction, chose the wedding date and God took over.
The second time ever I saw my husband was at a marriage counselling at my
church, the third time was at the introduction ceremony, the fourth time was
when he arranged to get me picked up at the airport in Lagos, the fifth time
was in preparation for the wedding ceremony and we saw couple of times
during that period to get things sorted for the big day and during marriage
counsellings…..I think the 10th time I saw my husband was at the church
rehearsal for our wedding ceremony. My God is awesome!

We had challenges but we bothered less since God was the driver of the boat.
All we did was remain calm through the storm. Getting to understand each
other was a little bit tasking because of the distance as I was not in the
country for like 4 months in between those times but God remained faithful.

To cut my long story short! I took the pain to write these to encourage
someone out there. God is still in the business of creating love stories.
Today, I can stand tall in front of anyone to say, yea, God chose for me and
He chose the best for me. I actually do call him ‘My Best’. I haven’t had anyone like him! He embraced where I was coming from, forgave my past mistakes and placed a crown on my head. From day one, without even meeting me, he became protective of me, my pain became his, my fears became his, my worries became his. He would have sleepless nights for my sake. A sweet, fine gentleman! Till date, he opens doors for
me, carries my bag, condones my excesses, says sorry every single time I
tell him he wronged me even when I am wrong….jeez!!!!!!! God’s choice is
the best friends!

Wait through the pain, wait through the heartbreaks, wait through the hurt
because without all those you won’t have anything to compare with. How do
you know something is the best when you haven’t tried out others? Don’t
settle for less, settle for God! Don’t be carried away by how things are
done nowadays, don’t listen to people tell you -God cannot come down from
heaven to choose for you- Yes He can’t come down from heaven but he
specializes in doing strange things. Involve Him from start to finish!

“Just as the creation of man was preceded by this personal speaking and
declaration by God , the issue of marriage was also originated by Him….As
He said, “Let Us make man…” He also said, “It is not good that the man
should be alone; Marriage was not the man’s idea. Where the man was created
from and the brain behind all that man is and should be, is the same place
and the same brain behind marriage. It took God to speak again to initiate
marriage, just as He had to speak at the creation of man.” – Bro. Gbile

Let me then ask! How then do you intend to make a choice of a marriage
partner outside the person who instituted the union? Why do you want to use
a manual made by people to drive a union made by God? Can you use the manual
meant for a Toyota car to instruct a Honda  Car? Won’t that be foolish?


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